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Let’s be honest.

 I am still trying to decide how honest I’m going to be on this blog. Will I be fearless and really say what I feel? What if someone finds out?
 Could I lose my job if someone doesn’t like what I say and it gets back to my employer? If I’m not going to be honest, then what is the point?
 Fuck it. Here goes.
 Couple of First Principles (and stuff you probably already know)
 Obama is a shitty President. While I don’t think he’s clinically a sociopath, he is damn close. His administration is full of people who hate what America used to stand for and are doing their best to make it an unsustainable Euro-clone.
 Our government/economy is out of control and will probably collapse before my kids get out of high school. The Republicans are no better than the Democrats, and together they are destroying what was once the light of the world. This shit keeps me awake at night. Will my kids be able to feed themselves when they grow up? Are we looking at a third-world planet in another decade or two?  
 By definition, a man without options is a slave. As a corollary, anything that impairs your ability to say “Fuck you/Fuck that” and walk needs to be closely and constantly evaluated as to whether you need it in your life.
 I plan to roam around in here alot.