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If its good enough for you…

I heard a radio commercial for life insurance on the way to work this morning. A woman was saying how she had been so worried about what would happen to her and her kids if her husband died. Well she called and got a quote and can get a $250,000 policy on him for $17/month. Now’s she’s happy because she’ll be OK financially if he dies.
I wonder how much insurance the husband referred to above is carrying on her? Or if she works, how much does she carry on herself to help him out if she dies. He’d need to pay for a funeral and then going forward would have increased child-care costs and maybe need to pay for some extra help around the house (cleaning,laundry, etc). It was pointed out to me how typically women won’t take out insurance on themselves. For a time, my wife and I worked for the same company, and while we worked in different departments we had equivalent positions and salaries, so we contrubuted equally to household income. The company offered a default 1 year’s salary life insurance policy at no-cost to the employee as a benefit. You were also able to purchase (pre-tax) the equivalent of 4x annual salary policy, so that functionally you had a 5x annual salary benefit. As a father a 2 children, I ofcourse opted to get as much coverage as possible so I did just that. Meanwhile, my wife did not opt to get any additional coverage, and just had the default 1x coverage.
I found out about this when she resigned to stay home after the birth of our third child and I was saying how maybe I should get a policy on her through work or possibly through our home insurance agent and was wondering about how much would be appropriate. I didn’t immediately react to her telling me that she hadn’t thought that protecting my financial future (and the kids) was worth $20/month, but it has been something that’s been niggling around in the back of my mind, and it what it says about how she views our relationship doesn’t make me happy.

Let’s be honest.

 I am still trying to decide how honest I’m going to be on this blog. Will I be fearless and really say what I feel? What if someone finds out?
 Could I lose my job if someone doesn’t like what I say and it gets back to my employer? If I’m not going to be honest, then what is the point?
 Fuck it. Here goes.
 Couple of First Principles (and stuff you probably already know)
 Obama is a shitty President. While I don’t think he’s clinically a sociopath, he is damn close. His administration is full of people who hate what America used to stand for and are doing their best to make it an unsustainable Euro-clone.
 Our government/economy is out of control and will probably collapse before my kids get out of high school. The Republicans are no better than the Democrats, and together they are destroying what was once the light of the world. This shit keeps me awake at night. Will my kids be able to feed themselves when they grow up? Are we looking at a third-world planet in another decade or two?  
 By definition, a man without options is a slave. As a corollary, anything that impairs your ability to say “Fuck you/Fuck that” and walk needs to be closely and constantly evaluated as to whether you need it in your life.
 I plan to roam around in here alot.

Three, Two, One …

Feel shitty about everything. Need to make some changes, and that starts today. I’m going to live the life I want or go down fighting.